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Ballyhass Wake Season 2018

We are almost there guys!

Unfortunately the bad news first. We are going to delay the opening by one week due to the red weather warning for Friday and Saturday. I know there would be alot who would volunteer to do the diving and get in the water, but we don’t want you to make unnecessary journeys!! 

So the first day of the season is now scheduled for March 10th.

Paddy Weekend Season Kick Off

Swiftly on to better news we will be having a season kick off on Paddys weekend 16th, 17th & 18th March. We are planning an open weekend ticket that will allow you to take part in the full weekend jam for Friday afternoon, Saturday until 3pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. We are planning to finish up early on Saturday and head up to the local to watch Ireland smash England in the six nations. We will have pizzas ordered to keep the celebrations going. Full details on the weekend will be released next week prior to the opening of the park on Saturday. 

Online Updates..

Over the winter we have updated our online booking systems to hopefully make things more clear and essentially easier to book online. You now have the ability to see before you book. On the book now link the first thing you will see is what sets are available on the next bookable day. We have also made the day and date more clear so to avoid any confusion.

Additionally for our off peak and full platinum members you will now be able to book up to 8 sets in advance online without the systems stopping you.

These small changes were made on your feedback so keep it coming and we will try and make the booking process as easy as possible for you heading into the future.

Looking ahead..

Looking ahead into the season we are planning to bring back our themed Jam nights. It won’t be as scheduled as last year. We plan on announcing the date of the first one with a full calendar of events in the coming weeks. After the first one we will schedule every two weeks when possible and pick a day that suits any of the regulars.

We plan on upping our Junior and ladies weekend mornings. We hope to schedule a weekend morning for each on alternative weekends. Ie first weekend will be a ladies morning the next will be a junior.

We will also be blocking off some sets at the weekends just for beginners so that we can get groups of people learning together and increase the vibe across the board.

All of these will now be clearly marked on our upgraded online booking system.


We have made some amendments to our memberships and ride packs check the respective pages to see the updated. All our in the interest of getting the best value for our riders and making sure they have the most affordable time on the water as possible. Ride packs & Memberships


The competition calendar is still being finalized between the parks but you can schedule in an event at Ballyhass for the Sunday of the June bank holiday and another on a weekend in October TBC.

Irish Wake Trip..

If you haven’t signed up already check it out. We are all heading to Hipnotics!!!!! There is a full blog post on the trip with all the details and how to book here.

In summary..

We hope this will be our most progressive and inclusive season to date. We want to push the sport we love and hope that you will join us for the best Irish wakeboarding year to date.


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