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Mid Season Monster Sale now on instore

All boards, bindings & summer suits all at least 20% off

If you have been waiting to get yourself a setup, there is no better time. All our wakeboards are 20% off along with our summer suits and stand alone pairs of bindings. Check out some photos and descriptions below. If you would like us to send these out lets us know and we will arrange postage for you. Give us a call in the office on 022 27773 or email



2015 Jobe Conflict: €705 (Full Setup Board & Bindings)

Board Sizes: 145, 139

Boot Sizes: 11/12 & 9 

Ballyhass says: Some say probably the best cable board out there at the moment. Always a show stopper in the shop. Gorgeous looking matching setup, super hardwearing. Treat it well and you will get a minimum of two seasons out of it. An Absolute bargain for €705. You will be very hard pushed to find better value. 

What Jobe says: A large nose is the mark of a brisk, strong and dependable man”, a wise Frenchman once said. We’re guessing the same goes for wakeboards made by Frenchmen! Julian gave his 2015 pro model a nose and tail with as much surface area as possible, making the Conflict wakeboard not only super strong but also fast, consistent and balanced on rails... especially when pressing! The 2015 Conflict also showcases a 3-stage rocker and a H.I.T. base, giving this year’s model even more pop off kickers and flex on rails. Its long and deep channels run all the way from tip to tail and work in unison with its sharp and hard edges... giving you the kind of grip you’ll need to boost air tricks like JuJu!

2015 Jobe Grace€665 (Full Setup Board & Bindings)

Board Sizes: 134

Boot Sizes: 36/37 (orange) 38 (mint) 

Ballyhass says: The female version of the conflict. Making it probably the best female board out there at the moment. Definitely the best value considering the hard wearing nature. Looks super cool and "girly" Mint or orange bindings available to put your own style. Matching Grace impact vest in stock too for the complete look.

What Jobe says: Progress gracefully... And progressing is the one thing you will definitely do on Jobe’s all-new 2015 Grace! Maxine’s pro model is simply a match made in heaven for all you park rippers out there, ladies! With a bigger tip and tail, this board garantees all the strength, consistency and balance you’ll need when pressing on rails. Its aggressive 3-stage rocker give you ridiculous pop off kickers and this rocker combined with Grace’s long, deep channels also allows you to really dig in that edge for your air trickery. So what are you waiting for?! Go hit up your local spot and shred with Grace!

2015 Jobe Pitch€610 (Full Setup Board & Bindings)

Board Sizes: 140

Boot Sizes: 45 - 48.5

Ballyhass says: New from Jobe in 2015 and untested at Ballyhass, but by all accounts a flyer. Super good looking board that always ganrners some attention in the shop. At €610 it is a crazy affordable setup that will really set you apart from the crowd. 

What Jobe says: This new Pitch flex board is the latest addition to the Jobe wakeboard range! Its nose and tail have a large surface area, so that this is one fast, yet super balanced ride on rails... and especially when pressing! This wakeboard features an aggressive continuous rocker, which makes it fast on the water and its large flat spot makes it equally quick and smooth on kickers. One smooth channel in the centre provides great grip for cutting hard and edging in for airtricks. Nothing can stop you now!


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