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Ballyhass Lakes News and Updates

February 8th 2017

Where is the year going? We are already nearly halfway through February the mornings are getting brighter and the evenings are stretching out. It might still be cold and at times pretty wet but there is definitely a spring feeling about the lakes at the moment. That feeling is only heightened by all the activity happening on site. In this news and events update we will be going over site improvements, details on group bookings, opening details for the wakepark and activity centre, social media events, summer camp launches and other general Ballyhass news. Hopefully we will try and make this a regular update throughout the season, either here or through our video blogs.


Facility Upgrades:

First and foremost you should see some big changes when you get back on site. Tom has been hard at work over the last few months upgrading the dressing rooms and showers which are now nearly complete. But the biggest change comes in the form of a brand new coffee shop facility. It is looking fantastic and is just having the final touches put on it. Follow our snapchat @ballyhasslakes to see behind the scenes building shots and follow the decorating process as it happens. We will be announcing a grand opening shortly.

Next week we will also be starting on upgrades to the watersports area and on a brand new multi purpose Archery range. More to follow on that, but big plans in place.


Summer Camp Launch:

We have just finalized all the details of our summer camp this week. We are really excited about this year's offerings. You will see that the ever popular Trooper, full day, week long camp is back alongside our equally popular 99 Battalion half day camps. Starting at just €85 for a full week this has really gained momentum over the past few seasons. You will be hard pressed to find a better value adventure camp this summer.

The biggest news under our Summer camps is the launch of our brand new Cutting Edge Teenage Water based camp. We are very excited about the potential of this camp. Aimed at 13 to 17yr olds it is mainly focused on our water activities. We will have a full blog post regarding this but check out our summer camp section in the meantime for more details.


Group bookings and School Tours

Despite being quiet on site the phone has not stopped ringing. June is now full for school tours. If you are still planning on coming to us ring the office ASAP and we will try and fit you towards the end of May or earlier if you are a secondary school. There has been a lot of youth groups taking advantage of our residential packages for this side of the summer. Now we have two language school options for housing your group so give us a call and we can get you a custom itinerary made up.

With a lot of scouts bookings in also, along with corporates coming out of hibernation for a some team building in the outdoors it looks like it is shaping up for a phenomenal season. Don’t be shy give the booking team a call or email and let us get you sorted. 022 27773 or

We have a new Group brochure that has information on all our offerings so get in touch and we will email a copy out to you.


Opening times

The office is open as usual 7 days a week from 9 - 5pm feel free to give us a call at any time. We are planning on opening the wakepark (one line) for the first weekend of March. Activity centre wise we are happy to take groups from next week on but weather depending. Younger groups we would advise wait until March. We are always keen to make sure they have the best possible experience and sometimes that’s not possible in the wind & rain.

Check out our instagram page under the tag #peopleofballyhass In the run up to the opening of the wakepark we are celebrating the riders, spectators, supporters and friends and family of all the people that came through during the season. See if you have been tagged??


Ballyhass Outdoor Project

If you follow our facebook page you will have seen some great outdoor related facts over the last week. How just being outdoors for 10 minutes a day can improve your mental health. It is incredible the power of the outdoors. We will be ramping up our awareness campaign over the next few months. Follow facebook and this news section closely to find out how you can get involved.

If you know any group that could benefit from being in the outdoors or in need of a trip please let us know. We will be giving a group a free afternoon activities every month this season under the BHoutdoorporject. Submit your group now via email.  

Big Announcement coming your way soon.

Last but not least we will have a very big announcement by the end of the month. We have an installment going in that is equal in size to the wakepark and we are all very excited about it. Can't wait to give you guys the details but we are waiting on websites and a few other little bits and pieces. It's going to be BIG!! Watch this space very closely.


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