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1000 Days Of Summer Returns.

Our famous half price adventure days are back in 2017 & now with more options.

The 1000 days of summer is our way of giving back and allowing individuals and small groups to join together and take part in the adventure activities which for the rest of the year are reserved for groups. Designed for 8 - 16 yr olds you are guaranteed a mix of Land, Water & Height based activities. You will join a group of 10 - 14 participants and take part in a full day of activities. Make some friends in the adventure of the summer at Ballyhass lakes. 

New for 2017 our 1000 days Aquapark 

If you are keen to go on our newest and greatest addition since the wakeboarding now is your best opportunity. Book early because this sells out every day. Its crazy!! In the 1000 days Aquapark you will get a full session on our aquapark plus two - three other land based activities completed. 

Fast Facts

  • Duration: 09.30 - 16.00

  • Age Group: 8 - 16yrs

  • Cost:

    • 1000 Days Regular €25pp

    • 1000 Days Aqua Edition €35pp 

  • Guranteed mix of Height, Land & Water Activities

  • Can only book online we will not be taking bookings via phone or email. PLEASE use the summer camp page. No bookings will be taken over the phone due to the large amount of admin. 

  • Max of 10 participants in anyone booking. This is designed for individuals who dont have the opportunity to book at other times of the year. If you have more than 10 please book in on a normal day and you will be able to choose which activities you would like. 

  • No group discounts available. This product is already 50% off, please dont ask for further reductions. This is still the best value adventure product in the country and we do this at the expense of clients who are happy to pay full price. 

  • The zipline is not included in either 1000 day deals. There will be a daily open session at 4.30 each day. €10 per person and adults are welcome to take part. We advise that you book in at check in each day. 

  • Its called the 1000 days of summer because we are giving away 1000 half day places. These WILL book out, don't delay and book online on this page ASAP. 

  • No other promtions can be used along side the 1000 day offers



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