Ballyhass Obstacles Standard Course

Amazing value for just €99. Save €60!!

So you have just finished a beginners lesson, you are buzzing after standing up for the first time and you are dangerously close to being addicted to a new kick ass sport, now what? The Ballyhass Obstacles Standard Course. This course has been put together specifically for people who have just done a beginners lesson with us. We don't want to just leave you to your own devices, we want to progress your riding so that you are hitting all the great obstacles floating around at Ballyhass.

To do that we will need to improve your toeside and heelside carving, get you around corners both regular and switch, get you learning ollies, ollie 180's, surface switches and standing dock starts. You need all these techniques before you meet our obstacle standards! But we are here every step of the way to coach you!

Our wakeboard systems, the Sesitec System 2.0's are revolutionizing the sport of wakeboarding. The systems have an unbelievable progression ladder. Because we have complete control over the handle, if you fall in we just reverse it back to you and you start again. This means that you will be nailing new tricks every session with our one on one coaching.

On the course we will be fliming you riding so you can see what your doing really well and also the areas you need to improve.

Our obstacles standards course will get well on the way to hitting obstacles and is amazing value.

Check out our tips and tricks videos from our friends over at Liverpool Wake Park for an idea of what lies ahead on the course. You are going to learn it all!

Obstacle Standard Course available to riders who have completed a beginners session at Ballyhass:

  • 6 sessions for €99.
  • Usually €162
  • Save an unbelievable €60.
  • One on one coaching.
  • Video analysis sessions (see what your doing right and wrong over a hot cup of coffee)
  • Free hire kit included.
  • You have 12 months to use the sessions at what ever times suits you.
  • You will be given an account with credits that you can book online up to a week in advance.
  • You will be given an Ballyhass Obstacles Standard booklet if over 16.
  • You will be given a Ballyhass Boarders Club booklet if under 16.


  • The course is guaranteed to improve your riding but all standards must be met before we allow someone to go over an obstacle, see our rules & safety page for more info.

  • This course is non transferable between riders.

  • The deal is only available to riders who have completed a beginners lesson with us.

  • The course can only be completed once by each rider.


East Park

Large Kicker, Box & Incline Rail

Video Gallery

West Park

Small Kickers x 2