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Membership 2018/19 Season

(Will be fully launched in March 2019)

This is the first year that we have made some changes to our membership line up in two seaons. Its coming on the back of what we think has been the most community based season we have ever seen at Ballyhass. The vibe and people around the park have been second to none. We hope that this will continue to grow over the next couple of seasons and we have adjusted the line up to hopefully make this even more likely. 

FREEDOM. Never running our of sets/credits again, ride harder, longer, more often and at a fraction of what you are paying now. On your terms...

COMMUNITY. With fingers firmly on the pulse of everything we do here at the park. Being a member not only connects you to us, but to a group of great guys and gals that love to shred just like you. Their enthusiasm for the sport is contasgious both on and off the water, craic & banter assured. Together we are stronger, your park needs you!

PROGRESSION. Get ready to surprise yourself. Time on the water is money in the bank, that and having the support of the people around you to guide the way, means you will be leveliing up quicker than Mario!!

REWARDS. Discounts.... Freebies... Perks... The icing on the supersize cake that is membership at Ballyhass wakepark

Please note:

Ballyhass Wakepark Memberships are almost full from 2018.

We will be opening up membership renewals for returning members between January and March 2019. 

Any memberships not renewed by then will be opened up for new members.

Platinum Memberships

This year we have expanded our memberships to what we think is our best set of memberships yet. After seeing the park run for the last two seasons and looking at member trends we believe that their is a membership type here for everyobody. 

Full Platinum €1250

Our ultimate membership that combines both peak & off peak has just got a whole lot better, we have beefed up your riding time, and added a host of cool extras that you will only get on our full membership.

  • 3 free sets a day at off peak times.

  • 2 free sets a day at Peak times

  • Free competition entry to all events

  • Free jam nights, ladies days etc

  • Extra sets €10

  • Free kit hire.

  • Can book 8 sets in advance

  • Free weekly buddy pass

  • Can pay in 5 instalments of €250 

Off Peak Platinum €600

For the riders that live locally, have time during the week and have arms of steel who can cope with three sets at one time, this is for you. Prepare to see your riding ability go through the roof! 

  • 3 free sets a day at Off Peak times

  • Extra sets €10

  • Can pay in 3 instalments of €200

  • Can book 4 sets in advance

  • Weekly buddy pass

  • Gear hire & events extra

Monthly Platinum €225

Not around for the whole season but want to ride a lot, or want to dip your toe in the platinum waters? Then this is for you. Get tonnes of time on the water over a 30 day period.

  • 3 free sets a day at Off Peak times

  • 2 free sets a day at Peak times. 

  • Extra sets €10

  • Can book 4 sets in advance

  • Free weekly buddy pass

  • Gear hire & events extra

Gold Membership €250 (Discounted peak & off peak sets)

Our gold membership offers great flexibility with enormous discounts on the costs of sets, you also get the perks of being a member but you are more in control of how many sets you want and when you want them. Your membership your way. Off peak times Mon - Thurs (excluding events & jam nights). Peak set times Fri - Sun. 

  • €10 Peak Sets 

  • €6 Off peak sets

  • No limit on amounts of sets per day

  • Can book 4 sets in advance

  • Free weekly buddy pass

  • Gear hire & events extra

Ride Packs  (New for 2018)

While the idea of ride packs aren't new, the size and value of these 2018 options are. Have a look below, these are now viable options for riders that don't want to be stuck to the annual timetable of a traditional membership. At the moment these ride packs dont expire. So if you dont get to ride as much as you would like in a season this will follow over into the next. 

  1. 10 Ride Pack €160 (€16 per set)

  2. 20 Ride Pack €250 (€12.50 per set)

  3. 40 Ride Pack €400 (€10 per set)


PEAK & OFF PEAK Peak times are Friday 4pm to close, All day Saturday, All day Sunday & club events Jam nights, Ladies mornings etc. Off Peak times are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Till 5pm,Thursday, Friday Till 5pm

BUDDY PASSES Continued from 2016/17 every member gets to bring a friend for two sets EVERY week at €10 per set *gear rental extra

DISCOUNTS & MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS  From the 2019 season on memberships will be limited and put on a seasonal basis. This means that everyone will have an opportunity to renew their membership at 10% discount for the first 14 days of each season. If you dont want to take up your membership at that point we will open it up to the public. If you are renewing your membership in the middle of the 2018 season we will give you a discounted membership depening on how many months you have left to ride in the season. 

BALLYHASS TRIPS More details coming on this early in 2018 but members will get extra perks!! 

Membership Rules:

  • A maximum of 4 sets can be booked in advance at any one time. The exception is the full platnium where you can book 8 sets in advance.
  • Once you’re on site and have had the 2 sets (Peak Platinum) 3 sets (Off-Peak Platinum) you can book more sets for €10 each on that day (All Platinum Memberships.)
  • You can pre-book sets up to 1 week in advance of the booking.
  • If you cancel a booked set with 24 hours notice or greater there is no charge.
  • If you cancel a set with less than 24 hours notice there is a €10 charge. 
  • If you don’t turn up for a booked set there is a €15 charge.
  • Ballyhass Wake Park opening times may vary throughout the year.
  • Booking your session is subject to availability.
  • Peak times Friday 4pm to close, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, Off peak times Monday through Thursday excluding Jam nights & Events
  • Full Platinum payment plan available. Down payment of €250 followed by 4 payments of €250 30, 60, 90, & 120 days after date of downpayment. 
  • Off-Peak Platnium payment plan available. Down payment of €200 followed by €200 after 30 days and again after 60 days. 
  • All payment plans are strict to the formats above. 
  • All other memberships must be paid up front in one payment, no exceptions. 
  • Buddy Passes are available once a week to all members and can only be used with a member who is onsite. 
  • No gifting of sets allowed. 
  • All members on payment plans must read and sign contract with agreed payment dates. Should a payment date not be made, members will be unable to book sets until payment is recieved by the office.

To book, please call our booking team on 022 27773 or email [email protected]

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